Frank Horvat's Spotify Playlist - Flute for Introspection

Pondering…with Flute’s Help

I’ve had the flute on my mind recently. 2 of my 4 new albums have tracks that feature the flute. Many of my compositions include the flute. The flute has always resonated with me because of it’s lyrical and sweet quality.

So since I’ve been thinking a lot about the flute lately, it only seems logical that I compile a playlist of music featuring the flute that one can listen to while thinking 🙂

It was really fun curating this list. Many of my musical friends are included and many musicians I’ve admired over the years are also there. The link between introspection and music is interesting to me. Many of my compositions are basically soundtracks for people to ponder life to. And there’s such a wealth of flute music in a variety of styles and genres out there that fits this mood and activity.

I hope you enjoy the playlist. Feel free to share it with any of your fellow flute lovers. If you think there’s something that I’ve missed, I’d love to hear your suggestion of what I should add.

Frank Horvat's Spotify Playlist - Flute for Introspection

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