Red Song Titles


Back in July on Facebook, I asked my friends to type the first word that came into their head. The very first word was “pickle”. Promptly, I wrote a blog post about that. The second word shared was “red”. I’m finally getting around to talking about that!

I like red but I will admit it is not my favourite colour (#1 blue, #2 green). Red does have the ability to give me passion and energy when I see it. Musically, I always see red when I hear the note, F – it feels and sounds edgy.

My music collection contains a number of titles with the word “red” in it (unlike “pickle” where I only had one). Here’s some of my faves (in no particular order)…

1. The Burning Red – Machine Head: metal/industrial song from 1999. Brooding song that starts so nicely mellow and builds up, very epic.

2. Electric Church Red House – Jimi Hendrix: awesome classic blues song by the guitar genius that was Hendrix. Off an awesome album called “Jimi Blues” featuring his lesser known blues recordings.

3. Girl With The Red Balloon – The Civil Wars: lovely country-folk tune that definitely touches the heart.

4. If Love Is A Red Dress – Maria McKee: from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, it’s one of those moody songs that gives any Tarantino film it’s unique flare. I love the unexpected chord change near the end of the verse.

5. Metropolis Symphony: Red Cape Tango – Nashville Symphony Orchestra: the 5th movement from Michael Daugherty’s epic work based on superheroes and comic books. It starts with the most amazing french horn solo, then get’s all sultry.

6. Red 2 Go – Danny Brown: hip-hop tune with crazy beats and percussion and the rapping is equally virtuosic. WARNING: very explicit lyrics.

7. Red Bank Boogie – Count Basie: love this tune because it makes me feel what it must have been like to be in a dance hall on a Saturday night in 1945!

8. Red Barchetta – Rush: awesome song from what I feel is the best album by one of my all-time fave bands. Yes, I know I’m a geek:)!

9. Red Rain – Peter Gabriel: every time I hear this song, my heart flutters, don’t know why.

10. Symphonie No. 3 – 2. El Baile de la Red – Bradyworks: for anyone who likes their classical music with a rock beat. Great composition by Canadian composer, Tim Brady.

11. Red Red Red – Fiona Apple: this song is a floaty adventure. I love her vocal stylings – so multi-dimensional.

So it’s you’re turn! What some of your fave songs with the word “red” in it?

Red Song Titles

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