Bushel of Apples - Ultimate Killing Machine Video

Ultimate Killing Machine & a bushel of apples #TuneInTuesdays

The Twelve Week’s of Music continues with Week 2!

You know the answer to the ol’ what do you do when life gives you lemons bit. Well, what do you do if it gives you apples instead?

We were under big time constraints to make a lyric video for Ultimate Killing Machine. And, in the hour we had to make the video, we also had to pick-up a bushel of apples. So, why not make the video while going to get the apples? We shot the video twice – once going to the West End Food Co-op to get the apples and the other coming back. Seems first time is a charm as this is what we got the first time the camera rolled…

‘Ultimate Killing Machine’ off The Frank Horvat Band‘s new album, Strange Machine.

Watch The Video:

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