#music4HRDs - For Those Who Died Trying

What an Album Release!

On November 16th, we released Frank’s 9th album, For Those Who Died Trying… and what a release it has been (and continues to be)!

In just two weeks, almost 30,000 people have listened to the album… and that’s just on Spotify!

Frank’s done three radio interviews (The Classical Underground, Song Talk Radio, The David Dalle Show) and who knows how many other stations have played the album.

There has been lots of media, mostly in Asia, but there’s a really great Reuters article that gets into the reasons of why this project is so important.

Two wonderful reviews have been written so far with more coming in the new year, including some overseas!

These compositions are gifts, tenderly composed and gorgeously played… They are universally moving.
    – Richard Allen, A Closer Listen

It is impossible to escape Frank Horvat’s mystical hypothesis that music is somehow part of all human DNA…a testament to the genius of Horvat that he is able to craft this into each segment of this unique 35-movement string quartet.
    – Raul da Gama, WholeNote Magazine

Oh, and there were all those Q&As if you want to know more about Frank’s quirks 🙂 – MovingClassics.TV, Strecker Reviews the Arts, ATMA Classique.

I’m probably forgetting many other great things that have happened or will be happening in the coming months. But I do know we couldn’t have done all this without so many people, including ATMA Classique and Naxos, along with a lot less sleep!

These are all the kinds of things you expect or hope for when you release an album. But, For Those Who Died Trying has gone waaaay beyond what you could hope for in an album release. When others, for all around the globe, feel as strongly about the message and music as you do and use their passion to carry it forward into the world, well, it’s kind of magical.

The global social media campaign, #music4HRDs, has spawned from the music and the photos that inspired the album. Above you can see the very first musicians who have taken the music and message to their fans. But as Human Rights Month begins today, stay tuned as so many more performers around the world help bring attention to the issue of violence against Human Rights Defenders with the music from The Thailand HRDs.

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