Music with pickles

Word of the Week – Pickle

On July 14, I asked my friends on Facebook to give me the first word that popped into their head. Much to my astonishment, I received a lot of answers. Literally within seconds of making the post, the first reply was shared. Much to my surprise, the first word was “pickle”…how random??

I would describe my relationship with the pickle as polite and tolerant. I don’t mind having a pickle if it’s included on my plate for some dish I order at at restaurant. But I never have a craving for them or would call it my favourite food, so I would never buy it at the grocery store. The other reason it’s not in our fridge is because my wife hates pickles! Any pickled vegetable is her enemy. Yet she enjoys eating raw cucumbers. I can understand that paradox since I like chocolate once in a while but detest chocolate milk.

Musically, I have never composed a piece about pickles. None of my compositions have the word, “pickle” in the title (although I’m afraid that might change after this blog post).

The only song in my vast music collection with the word “pickle” in the title is “Mango Pickle Down River” by the English Hip Hop artist, M.I.A. The song came off her album, Kala. It’s so much fun, sort of old school rapping featuring kids with what seems to be a didgeridoo in the background. When was the last time you heard a didgeridoo in a hip hop song?

“People are like pickles- some are sour, some are sweet, and some leave a bad taste in your mouth.”
― Kallee Gallant

Music with pickles


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