The Frank Horvat Band in Concert

TFHB Plays 3PM & 9PM Today! (not tomorrow, not again for a while, TODAY)

It’s certainly been some kind of week for me. The band launched its new video for, Inspired by the One I Love, we are under consideration for a Polaris listing, I’ve battled through some ever present health demons, I’ve looked at the budget and realized there isn’t any money for a Spring TFHB tour BUT all that washes away today as I get up on stage to play music with my amazingly talented band members.

For me, its a time when everything stops. The music takes over and I can live in that moment as the sound becomes everything. If you too are in the need for that kind of experience after having that kind of week, then check us out.

Felicity Williams and The Frank Horvat Band

We’ve been called mesmerizing, compared to Pink Floyd and Bjork. If that is your thing then we’ll see you there @ 3PM or 9PM!

P.S. Unfortunately, it has been that kind of week for the amazing venue we play in. Please help Creatures:Collective. They were violated on Feb 13th and their artists and psyches have suffered because of it but you might be able to help…

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