Lighthouse Walk

Aaah, the Summer of 2012

That was my Summer of 69. Yes, 2012 was my best summer ever. All I want to do in life is create… but there’s never enough time. It was probably the summer of 2012 that inspired Lisa and I to create a 5-year plan. As fellow artist, John Campbell, knows, yes, we’ve made a plan. How can we earn a living in music while getting to create as much as possible? Time and money usually hold me back. The plan doesn’t hold all the answers to this riddle but with the summer of 2012 as motivation, we continue to try.

In the summer of 2012, I forwent making any money and just spent the time creating. This is how everyday of that dream summer unfolded:

6:15am: woke up
7:00am: went for a walk by the lake
8:00am: ate breakfast
9:00am: answered emails
10am-12pm: practiced piano
12pm-1pm: leisurely lunch (aaah, those were the day when I got cookies with lunch)
1pm-7pm: COMPOSED MUSIC! (I wrote all the music for, I Can See You, some of the music for my album that’s releasing this Fall as well as some solo compositions that other artists are playing)
7pm: another walk in our peaceful neighbourhood
7:30-8:30pm: made and ate dinner
8:30-10pm: relaxed

That was glorious!!! Ten days into the summer of 2014 and I’m already 59 hours behind on composing, sigh. This September we head into year 2 of the 5-year plan. Will we be able to find the time in that plan for more creating?? I truly hope so.


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