Gerald Busby, photo courtesy of Gay City News

The Curious Case of Gerald Busby

Do you ever connect with people on social media but you’ve never met them in person? I do, quite often. Especially if they’re also involved in music or the arts. Connecting with people is an intrinsic part of “the business”.

One such individual that I connected with a few years ago was Gerald Busby, an accomplished composer living in New York City. Though we’ve never met, we exchange words of support from time to time. With social media, it’s so easy to do. But how well do we truly get to know each other with these mild and virtual interactions? I have learned, not well.

Lately, Gerald has been following me more than usual on LinkedIn and Facebook. He’s been leaving lovely compliments on demos of my compositions and sharing caring words of support. I thought to myself, for someone I’ve never met in person, he is truly very kind. So I decided I would do some digging and find out more about him. Read both these articles…it’s worth it:

New York Times Article

The New Yorker Article

What a life he’s led! To go through all that he has gone through and achieved all that he has achieved and still look on the sunny side of life, is truly amazing! I have no idea what compels Gerald to be interested in who I am or what I do, but I am grateful. Even though we’ve only had fleeting correspondences over the years and never even met in person, I’m very blessed and honoured to have Gerald Busby in my life.

I wonder if he’d take my call and share his advice on life and music? I could really use his perspective right now… I think I’m going to have to find out…

photo courtesy of Gay City News

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