From Oblivion to Hope Announcement

NEW PROJECT – From Oblivion to Hope

I am delighted to share that I will be collaborating on a multi-phase project with the wonderful, Odin Quartet! Our main focus will be to record an album of my various compositions for string quartet. Called “From Oblivion to Hope”, the album will have a serious and pessimistic tone to start. But, as we go from piece to piece, the tone will evolve to something more optimistic, ending with a heartfelt work simply called ‘Hope’, a piece that Odin commissioned.

The idea of going from the negative to the positive is a mindset and a mental health issue I’m very fascinated by these days especially in the context of the pandemic and its outcomes.

My composition, ‘The Four Seasons…in High Park’ will be the centrepiece of the album. So we’ve devised a plan to make music videos for each of the 4 movements, filming right in picturesque High Park, in each of the 4 seasons, to celebrate the beauty of the varied nature that Toronto is blessed to have access to.

I have been fortunate to compose a lot for string quartet over the years. I love the possibilities sonority-wise and rhythmically. I love Odin’s no-musical-barriers/limitations spirit. They’re quality musicians and fine human beings so I know we’re going to come up with something pretty amazing working together.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council and FACTOR. I am grateful to these funders.

Our first recording session takes place in 2 weeks, first filming in High Park hopefully end of next month, plus more recording, filming, live performances and album and video releases scattered throughout the rest of this year and next. Sign-up for my e-newsletter to get all the updates.

From Oblivion to Hope Announcement

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