My Mom & I

What Mom Means To Me

When I was a kid, my mom would sometimes make a dinner that I didn’t like. I would say, “Mom, I don’t like it” (in a whining voice). She would reply quite directly, “you don’t have to like it, you just have to eat it.” And that’s my mom in a nutshell – direct, passionate, expressive and most important, loving.

Yes, most important, loving. Because despite always holding me to account as a child, she always loved me (and still does) unconditionally no matter what bone-headed thing I might have done. My mom is my best friend, my biggest fan and my mentor. Most importantly, she’s my mom.

My mom and I are only 21 years apart in age. She came to Canada at age 18 with one suitcase, $20 cash and no ability to speak English. She married my dad a couple of years later and I was born shortly thereafter. They started a life from nothing.

My mom had those challenges in her early life and she continues to battle challenges with maintaining her health to this day. But she’s a fighter and with a smile on her face. She’s taught me despite any challenges, you can achieve anything. She’s my hero.

It’s fitting and ironic that I’m having the Milton Philharmonic premiere a new composition of mine on Mothers Day weekend. The piece is inspired by all things happy, beautiful and elegant. Mom cannot be at this performance but she will enjoy this piece when she get’s a chance to hear it. But then again, she enjoys all of my pieces.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom ❤

My Mom & I

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