What Goes Around album by Frank Horvat

Introducing What Goes Around

One of the cool parts of my musical life is the cycles. Projects are ending and others are beginning all at the same time. And each are at various stages of development. It keeps life fresh and exciting. As we gear up to have For Those Who Died Trying released next month, we’re already starting production on a brand new recording project…

It’s called What Goes Around. This new album is going to feature 5 of my compositions. Classical purists will probably categorize this album as “chamber music”, but it’s far more unique than that. Each of the 5 pieces is going to be based on looped musical motifs and themes, looped musical motifs and themes, looped musical motifs and themes…oops, sorry got carried away there:)! With the miracle of modern technology, we’re going to have just one musician record each piece. They’ll record one part, then record a different part that will be superimposed on top. That’s called multi-tracking, a recording technique quite common in the pop music world, but not so much in the world of classical music.

I’m so fortunate to have such wonderful collaborators on this project…

Sharlene Wallace (harp) – who’ll record my composition, A Little Loopy. This is a fun, light-hearted piece, but still has a rhythmic drive that will be a characteristic of all these pieces. Sharlene will record the 4 different parts that make up this piece in early November.

Peter Stoll (clarinets) – who’ll record my composition, What the Walls Feel as They Stare at Rob Ford Sitting in his Office. This will be texturally amazing since 5 different sizes of clarinets that will be used and many of those parts doubled. It’s going to be the ultimate clarinet choir! Peter will also record this in early November

Beverley Johnston (mallet percussion) – who’ll record my composition, Wood & Metal Bars. What a thrill to have Bev record this piece having all 4 mallet percussion instruments represented. This recording session will take place in early December at the Canterbury Music Company.

Frank Horvat (piano) – yes, I’ll record my own new composition. Not just one piano, but 7 different piano loops layered on top of each other. How new is this piece? Well, it’s not finished and it doesn’t have a title yet. But what I can say is that you’ll have never heard a piano sound like this before. I better complete it soon so I can get started on practicing since the recording session has already been scheduled for early January at Canterbury.

The 5th and final piece is going to be purely electronic. It has not yet been started and that’s because I’m going to need help from you. In January, I’ll do a call-out for you to record yourself saying or singing “I Love You”. My goal is to collect 100 different samples and then make some magic on my computer and piece them all together for a cohesive composition. I’m really excited to see what we’ll be able to create together.

I feel so fortunate to have Jean Martin helping me put all this together. Jean and I have collaborated so many times before. It’s going to be great to have him add his unique musical voice to the production of this album.

Right now, the plan is to have this come out in Spring 2019. We were fortunate to have received a recording grant from the Ontario Arts Council. This will help immensely in covering expenses but we have a couple of other grants currently pending, so hopefully that comes through and puts us over the top. If you’re excited about this and other projects I’m working on, you can help make it all happen by becoming my patron.

If we can release the album next spring, perhaps an album release event somehow involving a merry-go-round?!?! That would be fitting since “What Goes Around”…must come around.

What Goes Around album by Frank Horvat

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