I Am Not Alone

2020 – 5-part student violin ensemble – 2:00

Sheet Music

Score (PDF)

Violin 1 Part (PDF)
Violin 2 Part (PDF)
Violin 3 Part (PDF)
Violin 4 Part (PDF)
Violin 5 Part (PDF)
  1. I Am Not Alone (midi demo) composed by Frank Horvat 01:52


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Programme Notes

I composed this piece at home in the Spring of 2020. I, like most of the world, was in self-isolation. Having to be home all the time is not always fun. It would be nice to go out to the park, go to school and see friends and family. But until many people stop getting sick because of the COVID-19 virus, we have to stay home. One thing that makes me feel less bored and have fun is composing and playing music. Thanks to video and the internet, we can even play music with other people.

This is what this composition is for…to give you a chance to come together with other violinists and play a happy piece of music. Unfortunately, you will not be able to play your part at the same time with others (that will be put together later). But when you do practice and record your part, try to imagine other violins playing with you. Count carefully and listen to the metronome with headphones on when you record. That will be important when putting together all the parts later.

This composition is a modern-version of a passacaglia. Violins 4 to 5 each provide a repetitive 8-measure melody that is used as the basis for Violins 1, 2 and 3 to play their parts on top. Both the repetitive melodies and fanciful parts are important to giving the piece a rich and full texture.

I dedicate this piece to all the violinists out there who stay at home and continue to enjoy music. Remember, you are not alone!

– Frank Horvat

Many thanks to Dr. Mary-Elizabeth Brown for encouraging me to compose this piece and to Laura Nerenberg for her invaluable pedagogical insight.

Suggested Suzuki violin level a student should have attained in order to play these parts:
Violin 1 – Book 6
Violin 2 – late Book 5
Violin 3 – Book 3 or 4
Violin 4 – early Book 2
Violin 5 – early Book 1 (after May Song)

I Am Not Alone photo collage photos by (from top left to bottom right): Stephan Kelle, Виктория Бородинова, Free-Photos from Pixabay, Igor Starkov from Unsplash, JC Aguirre, u_jup1hbno, Ferenc Keresi, Quinn Kampschroer from Pixabay, Nicole Dusseljee from Unsplash, Pexels from Pixabay, Stephanie Harvey from Unsplash, Виктория Бородинова (x2), Barbara Evening from Pixabay, Beazy, Brina Blum, Fred Kloet from Unsplash, joon yeol Baek, StockSnap, Geri Cleveland from Pixabay