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Frank Horvat is an energetic and experienced Piano & Composition Adjudicator

He believes that the most important aspect of adjudicating festivals is to use the opportunity as a learning experience for the students and as a means to motivate them to further their musical studies. He puts a lot of emphasis on creative elements while nurturing a non-competitive and fun atmosphere.

Frank is a member of the Canadian Music Festival Adjudicators’ Association (CMFAA)

Festivals Previously Adjudicated:
Beyond Performance Music Festival – Niagara Falls
Brampton Music Festival
Brockville Lions Music Festival
Canadian Music Showcase
Contemporary Showcase – Chatham
Contemporary Showcase – Kitchener-Waterloo
Contemporary Showcase – Mississauga
Contemporary Showcase – Ottawa
Contemporary Showcase – Toronto
Don Banks Music Award
Kinsmen Music Festival – Cornwall
Kiwanis Music Festival – Brantford
Kiwanis Music Festival – Carbonear, NL
Kiwanis Music Festival – Chatham
Kiwanis Music Festival – Kingston
Kiwanis Music Festival – North Bay, ON
Kiwanis Music Festival – Owen Sound, ON
Kiwanis Music Festival – Peterborough, ON
Midwestern Ontario Rotary Music Festival
Newmarket Lions Club Music Festival
North York Music Festival
ORMTA Music Writing Competition
ORMTA North York-York Region Branch Awards Festival
Palmerston Canada Music Week Festival
Peel Music Festival
Quinte Rotary Music Festival
Renfrew Rotary Music Festival
Rotary Burlington Music Festival
Stirling Festival of Sacred Praise
Suzuki Piano Association of Ottawa/Gatineau

Teaching Experience

September 1997 to the present
Private Teaching in Residence, Toronto, Ontario

  • piano, theory, composition
  • preparation for recitals, festivals, and exams

1998 to present
Member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association (ORMTA) and the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations

2008 to 2016
Elected to the Provincial Council of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association. Held the position of President.

2008 to present
Adjudicator for a variety of music festivals

December 1999 to August 2011
Theory Examiner, Royal Conservatory of Music

January 2009 to June 2011
Musical Director, Musical Mentors Program at the Karen Kain School of the Arts, Etobicoke, Ontario

  • coached middle school students in ensemble playing
  • all music arranged and composed by Frank

2005 to 2008
Board of Directors, Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects (ACNMP)

Consultant on Piano Book

2001 to 2003
President of the Central Toronto Branch of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association

May 1999 to August 2000
Regent Park School of Music, Toronto, Ontario

  • privately teaching piano and theory
  • preparation for recitals, festivals, and exams
  • group teacher for summer programs involving music theatre and other activities

September 1994 to December 1998
Dixon Hall Music School, Toronto, Ontario

  • privately teaching piano, computer music, and theory
  • preparation for recitals, festivals, and exams
  • group teacher for summer programs involving music theatre and other activities

1991 to 1993
Private Teaching in Residence, Ottawa, Ontario

  • piano & theory
  • preparation for exams

 1989 to 1990
International Musicland, Ottawa, Ontario

  • taught electronic keyboard and theory


I’m Not Rich, I’m Not Famous, but I’m Surviving as a Professional Musician
A talk geared towards aspiring professional musicians

Description: Frank shares the 9 reasons why he has always survived as a professional musician. The chances of becoming rich and famous are very slim. But that does not mean one cannot have a productive career, both musically and financially. Frank shares his secrets, from career planning, practical considerations and psychological/emotional tricks in an open, informal and entertaining talk.

Previous Hosts: University of Toronto Faculty of Music


Music as a Catalyst to Bring About Social and/or Political Change
A talk for college music students and faculty

Description: Frank speaks of his personal experience in organizing the Green Keys Tour to raise money for charity and to bring awareness of environmental issues. He also discusses other musicians who have followed the same path and the impact they’ve made through their music, through their actions and through their advocacy.

Previous Hosts: Central Connecticut State University Music Department, The Hartt School/University of Hartford


My Journey of Releasing a CD of my Original Music
A talk geared towards aspiring professional musicians

Description: Frank will go through chronologically all the steps he went through to releasing his CDs: from the dream, to the composing, to the practicing, to the CD Release, to the performing, and lastly, to the business side of music. The goal in this presentation will be to give musicians a sneak preview of what the process is like and also give them the encouragement that they can do it themselves.

Previous Hosts: University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto

These presentations can vary in length and be combined with a live concert.


My Journey in Becoming a Professional Musician
A talk geared towards music students, teachers, and parents

Description: Frank’s talk will feature stories from his childhood, struggling with maintaining a practice schedule, dealing with nerves in performances, and what his life is like today as a professional musician. The goal in this presentation will be to give students the confidence and ambition to do well in their musical studies.

Previous Hosts: Kiwanis Club of Toronto, White Pines Collegiate and Vocational School

Workshops & Masterclasses

Music Improv Games

Description: This is a fun workshop all about improvising with others! No improv experience necessary just a willingness to create new music. Students bring their own instrument, voice or piano fingers. We will bring all our instruments together into great sounding improv pieces while learning about the wealth of music making that can happen with just the inside and outside a piano. Families can participate by videotaping the experience!

Previous Hosts: Tom Lee Music Academy, Vancouver


Student Piano Master Class

Description: Frank can conduct a piano master class for students of any age or level offering insights into interpretation, technique and performance skills. Any genre and style is possible, including contemporary music.

Previous Hosts: The Community College of Baltimore County, Eastern University, ORMTA Kitchener-Waterloo Branch, Wilfrid Laurier University


Student Composer Master Class

Description: Frank conducts a master class in which students perform their own compositions in any genre, instrumentation, or style. Following each performance, Frank will talk with the student about their piece and give comments to enhance their musical ideas, both in a technical and aesthetic sense.

Previous Hosts: ORMTA Niagara Falls Branch, ORMTA Scarborough Branch


Workshop: Getting your students to improvise & compose
Easy suggestions to nurture creativity in the life of a music student.

Description: Frank uses his own journey of composing and improvising along with his teaching methods as an example of how to get students to be more creative at their instrument. Very step-by-step and methodical, this workshop will give clear and concise suggestions that teachers can give to their students of any age or grade level within a traditionally structured lesson. Not genre specific. Connections will be made with performance, theory, and aural training. Specifically designed for the teacher with no formal training in composition and/or improvisation. Student participation is also welcome!

 » Workshop Review – Ottawa (pdf)

An approved worksop of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association

Previous Hosts: Community Music Center of Boston, NBRMTA Moncton Branch, ORMTA Belleville Branch, ORMTA Chatham-Kent Branch, ORMTA Etobicoke-Mississauga Branch, ORMTA Hamilton-Halton Branch, ORMTA Hanover-Walkerton Branch, ORMTA Kitchener-Waterloo Branch, ORMTA Newmarket and Area Branch, ORMTA Niagara Falls Branch, ORMTA North Bay Branch, ORMTA Ottawa Region Branch, ORMTA Sault Ste. Marie Branch, SRMTA Saskatoon Branch, Wilfrid Laurier University


Workshop: Progressive Theory Teaching
Tips to make theory more fun and improve exam results at the same time.

Description: Frank covers a number of important points in theory teaching including how to take theory exercises from paper & make them come to life through live performance, how to nurture creativity by expanding theory exercises into improvisation & composition, how to make it fun by creating a musical treasure hunt by using pieces that the student is playing to nurture theoretical understanding, and how to get the most out of practice exams leading up to the “real” thing.

An approved worksop by the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association

Previous Hosts: NSRMTA Dartmouth Chapter, ORMTA Hamilton-Halton Branch, ORMTA Kingston Branch


Workshop: “Teachnology”
How Technology can enhance a music student’s experience

Description: Frank takes a systematic approach in outlining the benefits, equipment needed and material available to help nurture a student’s understanding of all music areas, including theory, ear training, history, just to name a few. Frank will attempt to simplify the technical language so the teacher can have as much fun with music and a computer as their student will!

An approved worksop by the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association

Previous Hosts: ORMTA Central Toronto Branch


These presentations can vary in length and be combined with a live concert.

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