I’ll Be Good

  1. Starsky & Hutch Frank Horvat 03:36
  2. Filler' Up Frank Horvat 08:33
  3. Dirty Frank Horvat 02:38
  4. In the Name of Ignorance Frank Horvat 07:45
  5. Alexis Frank Horvat 05:35
  6. Almost an Island Frank Horvat 03:57
  7. ZeeZoo Snaps Frank Horvat 06:20
  8. Great House of Riffs Frank Horvat 04:23
  9. Blind Man Frank Horvat 04:13
  10. NoName Frank Horvat 03:34
  11. Speedy McBlues Frank Horvat 05:43
  12. Smokers Frank Horvat 05:42
  13. The Resolve Frank Horvat 07:43


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Like Franz Liszt and Metallica in a cage match! Horvat’s first studio release is an aggressive yet virtuosic collection of original solo piano compositions. Groove-oriented and rhythmic, these pieces without words tell deeply personal stories. Influenced by Bach, Beethoven, Bartók, Zappa, Rush, Miles Davis, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, metal, Tori Amos and life.

I'll Be Good Tour

The release of I’ll Be Good was followed by a 28-stop concert tour including performances at NuitBlanche (Toronto) and The Works Art and Design Festival (Edmonton).

I'll Be Good by Frank Horvat


Solo piano


Frank Horvat

Composed & Produced By

Frank Horvat

Recorded At

Acrobat Music by Jim Morgan, March 2007

Release Date

5 June 2007

Bordering on the improvisations of Keith Jarrett…this is a truly eclectic mix showcasing Horvat's wealth of technique and energy…I'm left shaking my head in wonder.
– WholeNote Magazine

Wildly original, often chaotic, eclectic as all get-out, and quite a ride.
– Solo Piano Publications

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