From Oblivion to Hope

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I Am Who I Am Records is proud to present, From Oblivion to Hope, a string quartet album of music by Canadian composer Frank Horvat, performed by the Odin Quartet, releasing March 31, 2023.

This album starts pessimistically with a track called Oblivion, which is an easy headspace to live in these days, especially in the context of the pandemic and its outcomes. As the album progresses, the tone evolves into something more optimistic, ending with a heartfelt work simply called Hope. The idea of going from the negative to the positive is a mindset and a mental health issue that fascinates the composer these days. The hope is that we can all unearth a life with more hope.

Four of the tracks on the album are dedicated to the composition The Four Seasons…in High Park. This piece combines inspiration for two greats – Vivaldi’s iconic work and Toronto’s High Park. A series of four music videos in High Park, one in each glorious season, are planned.

[Frank Horvat’s last release] is a timeless memorable intelligent electronic composition perfectly produced. Horvat’s contemplative sounds encourage repeated listening while meditating, and otherwise too. – WholeNote Magazine

Horvat’s [previous] string quartet ‘For Those Who Died Trying‘ is a musical outcry against the constant violation of human rights in Thailand and a sensitive portrait of 35 exceptional people…He has succeeded in creating a work that, beyond its serious background, achieves a comprehensive pull effect…It’s a profound, moving and ultimately timeless album. –

Recording funded in part thanks to generous support from:

Canada Council for the Arts

Recording funded in part thanks to FACTOR

Recording funded in part thanks to the Ontario Arts Council

From Oblivion to Hope - composed by Frank Horvat


Contemporary Classical Chamber


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Odin Quartet
Alex Toskov (violin)
Tanya Charles Iveniuk (violin)
Matthew Antal (viola)
Samuel Bisson (cello)

Composed By

Frank Horvat

Produced By

Frank Horvat & Alex Toskov

Recorded At

The Canterbury Music Co. by Julian Decorte, July and Sept 2022

Mastered By

Dennis Patterson

Cover Photo/Design

Matthew Maaskant

Release Date

31 March 2023

Frank Horvat is one of the most inventive songwriters to come out of the contemporary scene in Canada – WholeNote Magazine

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