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Strange Machine album by The Frank Horvat Band

Strange Machine


instrumental track



Now as I allow myself
my feelings to be incessantly
washed in and out by the departing tide
shattering my heart into fragments
pieces that were too small to mend.
For it is too late to turn back now.

The Drill


As he waits to get in that chair
for his showdown with those contraptions of pain and waste
He thinks back to those times of remorse and guilt
when he could have been much nicer to himself
But now is now and then is then
and the now brings him face to face with the man and his awful machines
The chair is cold but he his hot,
the lights are bright but he has fought to avoid this long ultimate…

Clash, clash

Oh my God, here it goes
The drill’s ripping into my flesh and bones
Why does it echo so very loud
But I don’t feel
But I don’t taste
But I don’t smell
But I don’t feel
Oh my God, I see blood
My mind is filling with a sea of mud
The dismantling of me
The separation of we
Oh my God, the pressing
I’m bracing, but then I…

Float, float

The drill stares and smirks at me as she cleans
the dripping red liquid off her sharpened bits.
I asked her what type of satisfaction one get’s
for ripping through human flesh with such grit?
Well it’s tons of fun, the drills get along,
the perks aren’t bad, love to work all day long.
Wow, she peeled back my skin but now I know that it was not personal,
whoa do you detect my throb, throb, throb, throb, throb, throb, throb.

Wasteland 2


My bed’s getting cold as the alarm clock rings
The sun’s shining in with purpose of day
Live, let live and that’s all I’ve got to say
What’s the purpose of a brand new day

How could this happen
Where does time go
To the garbage dumps behind
It’s what I call my wasteland

The purpose, a purpose
I need a purpose
For the time ticks by
As my alarm clock rings
But to shut it out
Would be a sin

How could this happen
Where does time go
Take me away
Take me away my wasteland

Do You Ever Notice?


Do you ever notice
the constant hum that surrounds us?
Simon & Garfunkel liked to talk about it
Something unreal that could never exist around us
creaks and leaks that peek through space
What a beauty to bask in this sound

Listen to the pulse of the breathing
scribbles and dribbles on something white
Footsteps carefully stomping
humming, oh what great humming

Do you ever notice
such a numbing feeling to bask in this sound
The room get’s dark, the cover shifts
rubber dust flies with a scurrying swat
Do you ever notice?

Do you ever notice
I am still, in this outer peace
outer becomes inner, farther becomes closer
How annoying to bask in this sound
I turn my head and see nothing
Do you ever notice?

Nothing is flashing, nothing’s sleeping
nothing’s moving, nothing is smoking
Seeds of stone shoot down my neck
so frightening to bask in this sound
Do you ever notice?

Human Cyborg


Good evening, Sir
I’m calling to conduct a short survey
Rest assured I have nothing to sell
You are the nine hundredth person I’ve called today
Same script, same reply, no, not today.

Welcome to my human cyborg life

Good morning, Sir
Yes, my breakfast in the mess hall was okay
I shall report to Unit C right away
One thousand X4R parts to be attached today

Welcome to my human cyborg life

Q, 1, W, 2, E, 3, R, 4, T, 5, Y, 6, U, 7, I, 8, O, 9,
P, 0, A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, Z, X, C, V, B, N, M
Life, what have you brought me?

Good Wednesday, Sir
Would you like trans fat with that today?

Welcome to my human cyborg life



instrumental track

Song for the Bluebird


Just between you and me
Can you see
The lines of life
Have broken down
But who’s around
To notice the beatings
And frowns
As I go around on my merry little way

Sing a little song for the bluebird
He sings a little song for me
We’re the only ones together
We’re the only ones in history

Please sir, don’t squeeze him so there
Take me instead
I can take it for him
‘Cause we are real friends

I sang a little song for the bluebird
He sang a song for me
We’re the only ones together
We’re the only ones in history

‘Cause I sang a song for the bluebird
He sang a song for me
We’ll always stay together
But soon we’ll be history

Ultimate Killing Machine


Picture yourself in this ultimate driving machine
Desirous stares with your tops being down
Driving this car is not just a driving escalade
It’s a living experience.
And a killing experience.

You’re a hard-working man
Supporting a wife and kids
Always getting to work on time
Too bad those kids will be breathless outside when they’re your age.
Picture yourself in this ultimate killing machine.

Don’t even go there
To call me that word doesn’t let you off the hook
Go ahead and say it
Does it clear your conscience to say
a-ha, a-ha, a-ha.

Drive contentedly
Drive comfortably
No world coming in
All world exhausting out
But you drive contentedly

Here I’ll admit
I’m a hypocrite, yes hypocrite, but so are you
Stop saying, ‘I care for my kids’
You don’t unless, you me, we, you, me, we, you, me, we, you, me, we, you, me, we, change

Drive contentedly
Drive comfortably
No world coming in
All world exhausting out
But you drive contentedly

Take From Me


Four months to fell
Four months to know
The pain and the sorrow
As the list grows longer
I don’t want to know

Of the girls lining up
Ready to throw
Stabs at my heart
Tear and claw at me

No sense in words
No sense in action
Till the visage of my desire
Is blocked by that of a friend
A foe. Et tu Bruté?

As something swells
As something breaks
A leaking of faith
So tear me down
Take what I want
Have the little I got
For it will soon be dawn
My realization of right, of wrong

For as soon as it’s gone
The suffering will be shared
So take from me
Take from him
Take him from me
For I have no joy

Yet I sit and wait
For the moment in time
The moment time sighs
It’s farewell good-bye
To that of which I do not have

Strange Machine

Artist: The Frank Horvat Band
Release: November 1, 2014
Genre: Indie Art Rock

(or buy on iTunes or CDBaby)

Strange but true, The Frank Horvat Band’s highly anticipated follow-up album is now out! Strange Machine will require you to turn up the speakers and let the texture overcome you. Read more about The Frank Horvat Band

Album Reviews

These songs will grant one rare access to peer into the soul of a quintessential artist and tormented soul that none of us can get enough of.
-Thom Ellis, Indie Music Reviews

Strange Machine extols nothing but pure energy and comes straight from the speakers directly to your heart and soul.
– Tom McCrae, All Whats Rock

It’s true much of today’s music has many people feeling a bit of soullessness – how appropriate I get a CD as in depth as Strange Machine. As a composer/programmer/songwriter Frank Horvat is a bit of a musical mastermind.
– R.J. Clifton, Rock n’Roll View

Frank Horvat is a master at bringing together all the flavors of many different musical styles and genres. He is armed with great writing, a brilliant creative mindset. His music is highly original and will no doubt evolve over time into something truly groundbreaking.
– Michael Tracy, Skope Magazine

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I Can See You album by The Frank Horvat Band

As Powder Falls


As powder falls
As glass is broken
It’s a home I’m looking for
A happy, happy home

This crummy ol’ town
Will get me nowhere
But a meal to eat
And a place to lay my head

This crummy ol’ town
Will get me nowhere
But a meal to eat
And a place to lay

Waiting...in Three Chords


Waiting by the phone
For messages and codes
Pretty pigments
Don’t mask the fact
One can do way more with one’s life

Sitting in a doctor’s exam room
Looking at the visage in hotel’s lift
Trying to distract to shorten time
Don’t mask the fact
One can do way more with one’s life

Anxiety makes it feel longer
Is it true pain?
Or is it being alone?

Gentle warm breeze through the sun
Multi-coloured flora
Comfort’ble bench at busless stop
Don’t mask the fact
One can do way more with one’s life

Moral support from mom
A joke to distract from bro
Waiting by the phone for word on him
Don’t mask the fact
One can do way more with one’s life

Was My Time Worth It?


I sung it over and over

Was my time worth it?
I didn’t know anything about this tune
Except what held it together
‘cuz I couldn’t read between the lines
They always fogged up on me

Inspired by the One I Love


Green hills tumbling down
And the wind whistles
As the sun pours over existence

On a pier of darkness we met
On a hill of green we greet
Absorb feelings embedded deep

It can’t be so – the thump of two hearts
Yours and mine
Over and over and over

A flowing of blood
A giving of souls
A combining of two

My thoughts don’t do justice
To the flame in my heart

Eyes so deep, nose so brown
Lips a smooth red
Arms that envelope
Hearts that pound

Sun and Rain


I remember when the days were sunny
All day long it shone
As the rain comes down I see mistakes here
The mistakes I made

The Hurting Game


Daring games go on and on
Subtle looks
Sideways glances
Tale telling suggestive stares

A game between you and me
A race against the clock
Time together
Eons apart
Too soon to be forever

John's Suggestion


John has made the suggestion
The suggestion is simple

I’ve made this suggestion
Many times before

John thinks that it’s…

Dark to Light


Out of blackness light must come
Out of darkness must come light
Only light can come out of darkness

This is a Story


Well, this is a story of I don’t know what
About things from the past and things that never will be

It happened on a Thursday
Life ended on the Sunday
Who are you and why do you torment me?

Oh, life is full of laughter
Life is a lot of fun
Take your fill
As we all get ill
Why do you affect me?

Oh, things are flying right by me
As fast as they can go
If you don’t slow ’em down
I won’t know which way to go

I Can See You

Artist: The Frank Horvat Band
Release: January 21, 2014
Genre: Indie Art Rock

(or buy on iTunes or CDBaby)

Pioneering a new post-Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Bjork sound, The Frank Horvat Band is pop, poetry and modern expression in a beautifully pained existence. Read the
I Can See You story…

Album Reviews

The voice of Felicity Williams takes you off this earth. Red Bull should be the band’s sponsor.
-Laurie Brown, CBC Radio’s The Signal

The soundscapes are interesting, infectious, and hypnotic… I found the listening experience highly original and unique.
– Cyrus Rhodes, The Muse’s Muse

A must hear.” – Stuart Derdeyn,
Vancouver’s The Province

Read Complete Review

The Dignity Song [Single]

Artist: Romy Mounzer, Frank Horvat
Music: Frank Horvat
Lyrics: Adam Nihmey
Release: June 1, 2013
Genre: Pop Song
Buy: Available on CDBaby and iTunes

The Dignity Song is a deeply melancholic yet powerful pop ballad that brings a voice to the invisible pain of loss, isolation, and loneliness that exist as we grow old.

Reminiscent of the ballads of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, The Dignity Song intermingles powerful outbursts with a deep, pensive sadness. Drawing inspiration from lives long-lived, this piece will echo in our hearts and minds for years to come.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this song go to The Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa.

The Dignity Song

The Dignity Song Lyrics


Strangers’ faces are the only familiar ones
Solitude is her only visitor
Comforted by memories with an expiry date
Home in a suitcase has become her fate

Loneliness is the only family she has
Independence was once a comfort she kept
The battle of mind and body is wearing her down
Success on her wall but sadness in her heart

Help me live with dignity ’til the end
I’m only a burden if you tell me that I am
So much life to live in my world of loss
Sacrifices made come at such a cost

Did you see her face when you walked on by?
Or did her cover create disdain in your eyes?
Now everyone seems to be a passerby
Like clouds shifting in the aging sky

Help me live with dignity ’til the end
I’m only a burden if you tell me that I am
So much life to live in my world of loss
Sacrifices made come at such a cost

Help me live with dignity ’til the end
I’m only a burden if you tell me that I am
So much life to live in my world of loss
Sacrifices made come at such a cost
such a cost
such a cost
such a cost
such a cost

In a strangers’ world that doesn’t know her name
Memories of yesterday shadow the fear in her

A Little Dark Music by Frank Horvat

Working With The Sun

1:58 – peppy, rhythmic

Working with the Sun is inspired by a YouTube video of the same name. Produced by SELF (Solar Electric Light Fund), this short documentary describes the excellent work that this progressive non-profit organization is doing in bringing clean renewable energy to children in South Africa.

My short, peppy composition based on this film emulates many of the rhythmic elements associated with African percussion and the rustic tone of folk instruments like the mbira. This unique tone is produced from a conventional acoustic piano by placing cardboard on the strings.

– Frank Horvat

The Week After

10:06 – hypnotic, numbing

On September 11, 2001, one of the most horrific events of my lifetime occurred in New York City, Washington DC & Pennsylvania.

Even though I didn’t personally know anyone lost in the World Trade Centre or Pentagon terrorist attacks, I felt like life had come to a complete standstill. For 7 days, following September 11, I did very little other than watch the news, feel deep grief and exude an immense amount of anger.

All these emotions culminated in the composition, The Week After. Written 7 days after the event, I used the piece as my own personal means to come to grips with what had happened. In it, I deal with an inner debate on whether I should feel optimistic or pessimistic about our future as a society. The usage of a calm tempo with a pulsating beat, along with the Tremolo Rhodes (from a Roland JV-1080 Synthesizer), underlays how this event has had a surreal and numbing effect on my psyche.

– Frank Horvat

Click here to listen.


5:36 – sombre in pulse

Every three seconds a child dies of poverty on this planet. Please visit www.makepovertyhistory.ca.

– Frank Horvat

Earth Hour

60:00 – soundtrack for the dark

Earth Hour
On March 28, 2009, I was invited to perform at an Earth Hour party hosted by a law firm in one of Toronto’s skyscrapers in the Financial District. As the who’s who of Toronto’s elite hobnobbed admiring the lack of lights in the sprawling skyline, I quietly improvised. Once 8:30PM hit, the lights went out and all the partygoers congregated in a room on the opposite side of the building to listen to speeches. I was left alone quietly playing away, immersing myself and enjoying the darkness…this is where Earth Hour, this composition, was born.

Composing a 60-minute continuous piano piece is something that at first seemed a little daunting. As a composer, I was challenged – how do I make a composition interesting where both the performer and listeners are immersed in the dark and have the sound of the piano and the darkness be an equal partner in the experience? I quickly realized that creating a soundtrack to being alone in one’s thoughts can be so many different things: reflective, calming, scary, empty, or happy, just to name a few. This made me realize that even though it was one cohesive piece, the music could change thematically to reflect the many varied emotions that one can feel when being in the dark.

From beginning to end, Earth Hour takes exactly 60 minutes to perform, not a second less or more. Performers are to use an earpiece so they can play along with a metronome to ensure that this takes place. Earth Hour is divided into 12 sections/themes, each lasting exactly 5 minutes. The first 6 themes are contrasting from each other based on a sort of random note picking pattern formula I created that is correlated and based on the letters of my name and my wife’s. The last 6 themes are variations of the first 6 themes, except that they’re presented in reverse order giving the overall composition a palindrome structure. One of the reasons I did this was so the ending of the piece could be seamlessly connected to the beginning allowing a performance of the piece to last more than just one hour, if a performer (or performers) so desired. A sense of start or completion isn’t as important as the experience itself.

Whether you listen to the entire piece or just a snippet, my hope is that a listener will be able to find peace and time for inner reflection when listening to it thinking about how they can make themselves and the world around them a better place. Sitting in the dark doesn’t just have to occur on the last Saturday of March every year.

– Frank Horvat

Click here for to listen.

Album Review

Highly recommended… Will make waves musically.
– John S. Gray, WholeNote Magazine

Read Complete Review (pdf)

A Little Dark Music

Artist: Frank Horvat
Release: March 27, 2010
Genre: Solo Piano

(or buy on CDBaby or iTunes)

Despite the somewhat sombre and serious subject matter, A Little Dark Music is an ambient & electrifying collection that brings peace, joy and contentment to its listeners. Featuring four introspective tracks with an ambient tone, this collection of original piano compositions explore real world themes like the environment, poverty and Sept 11.

Includes Earth Hour, a 60-minute continuous composition inspired by and best experienced in the dark. Dedicated to the international event that takes place on the last Saturday of every March. 25% of the proceeds from this CD go to WWF-Canada (World Wildlife Fund).

I'll Be Good by Frank Horvat

Starsky and Hutch

3:36 – in-your-face rhythmic drive

When I was a kid, I would hurry home from school to watch my favourite show, Starsky & Hutch. The excitement and adrenaline rush of the car chases the coolness of those two dudes was so intoxicating. This piece is a dedication to these memories and to a genre not recognized enough; 70s cop show music!

– Frank Horvat

Filler' Up

8:33 – light joyous journey

The title of Filler’ Up has many personal connotations for me. From a compositional perspective, the term filler describes my usage of a short chordal and rhythmic section that goes in between several independent musical vignettes.

I wanted these vignettes and the filler to express feelings of happiness, contentment and optimism. We live in times when it is so easy to be cynical and negative about the state of our lives. This piece expresses my willingness not to let myself get drawn into the vacuum of the madness around me.

Things that bring me joy and delight: laughing & crying at the same time, friends & family, physical & mental adventure, and travelling especially by car where no matter how far you go, eventually you must stop and Filler’ Up;-)

– Frank Horvat



Self-Explanatory 😉

– Frank Horvat

In the Name of Ignorance

7:44 – disturbed acoustic electronica

In my opinion, the single greatest danger to the human race today is religious fundamentalism. It doesn’t matter if it’s Christian, Moslem, Jew, Hindi. Anyone who espouses hate and a lack of compassion in the name of their god is a big loser!

What’s even more disturbing is those who use such dogmas to raise their children. I get frustrated and angry when I hear of too many kids who go down the wrong path in life because of their religious fanatic parents’ ‘ignorance’ in dealing with their children’s challenges and needs.

– Frank Horvat


5:35 – ballad-like sorrow, innocence

Alexis Currie
Age: 2

Killed: March 9, 2002. Alexis disappeared during a custodial visit with her father. The toddler was stabbed to death. Her body was found near Claremont, a forested area northeast of Toronto.

Investigation: Soon after the disappearance, her father, Peter Currie, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

– Courtesy cbc.ca

This piece explores the emotions I felt while following this case play itself out on the news back in 2002. The loss of innocence, the rage, the sadness.

– Frank Horvat

Almost an Island

3:57 – inner-peace, contentment

This piece is inspired by a summer weekend at an Ontario Provincial Park with close friends. Swimming outdoors, feeling the warmth of the sun, meditating. The whole experience reinvigorated me.

– Frank Horvat

ZeeZoo Snaps

6:20 – melancholic regret, anger

On July 9, 2006, the final of the World Cup of Soccer took place in Berlin, Germany. Two soccer powers, Italy & France squared off in the ultimate clash of the titans! Both teams featured a multitude of superstar players, but none was greater than the captain of France, Zinedine Zidane. He was one of the best and he was playing his final professional game, on the world’s largest stage. It’s what happened near the end of the game that makes this so shocking…

Italian defender and known “trash” talker, Marco Materazzi, was head butted in the chest by Zidane. Zidane got red-carded and tossed from the game. Italy went on to win the title in a shootout.

I will never forget watching Zidane march off the field, sullen, right past the gold trophy he was not to hoist. It got me thinking of how on several occasions I’ve experienced that awful feeling of doing or saying something very stupid and regretting it after the fact. This piece goes through that aftermath of emotions and realization.

– Frank Horvat

Great House of Riffs

4:23 – fun, jumpy, laid-back frenzy, unsettled

There’s a music store in Rochester, New York called the “The House of Guitars”. Growing up in Ottawa, I always used to see their TV commercials. They were quirky to the max! They had the knack of using characters in funny costumes doing weird things in order to “plug” the instruments. Within one commercial, they could have any number of scenes that had no connection with each other. That’s what “Riffs” is all about; just when you’re getting comfortable with a musical idea, it’s taken away when you least expect it to continue with something completely different.

– Frank Horvat

Blind Man

4:13 – quiet scattering of thoughts, introspective

On occasion, my neighbours are visited by their father from Europe. This blind gentleman enjoys standing in the front of their home, stretching, doing exercises, feeling the fresh air, letting the sun soak his face. As I sit at my piano by the window, I can see that these things bring him comfort and joy. He exudes a quiet elegance in his daily routine.

– Frank Horvat


3:34 – energetic adventure, syncopated, jerky

Sometimes a composer will compose a work with a specific motivation, purpose, or influence. With “NoName”, I had none of these. I welcome your ideas on what the heck I was thinking.

– Frank Horvat

Speedy McBlues

5:43 – crazy, virtuosic, rockin’

My buddy Jay plays in the McFlies, a Toronto band that does unique acoustic covers of familiar tunes from the 80s. After attending a gig of theirs, I wondered how I could take something conventional and make it unconventional, enter the 12-Bar Blues!

– Frank Horvat


5:42 – sorrow, rage, sorrow

Smoking is an awful addiction that is very difficult to kick. I have many loved ones who have battled the “butt”; so I have a lot of compassion for those who try to kick the habit. It’s those smokers who rant and rave about the rigidity of anti-smoking by-laws in public places that really pisses me off! Talk to me about the government stepping on your toes after you hear the story of Heather Crowe, a waitress who died in May 2006 after her battle with lung cancer. Ms. Crow had been subjected to over 40 years of 2nd hand smoke.

– Frank Horvat

The Resolve

7:43 – hypnotic, percussive, climax-driven

A facet of society that I admire immensely is athletes. I am a sports junkie! I can’t get enough of watching sports like hockey, soccer, and tennis, just to name a few. Then there are the Olympics, which feature many tests of endurance that I find most intriguing.

The Resolve depicts the action of pushing the human body to its physical limit in pursuance of a goal. The nature of the rhythmic patterns emulates how an athlete’s body can work like a machine during physical activity. The repetitive motion of body parts, the pounding pulsation of the heart, the beat being created by the sound of feet hitting concrete; these were all influences for the musical material.

Performing The Resolve is a physical endeavour in itself. For me, the marriage between physical activity and music combines the two activities that stimulate me so greatly – physically, mentally and spiritually.

– Frank Horvat

I’ll Be Good

Artist: Frank Horvat
Release: June 5, 2007
Genre: Solo Piano

(or buy on CDBaby or iTunes)

An aggressive and virtuosic collection of original solo piano compositions that demonstrate an unpredictable meld of musical styles. Groove-oriented and rhythmic, these pieces without words tell deeply personal stories.

Like Franz Liszt and Metallica in a cage match! Influenced by Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Bartók, Zappa, Rush, Miles Davis, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, metal, Tori Amos…


Album Reviews

Bordering on the improvisations of Keith Jarrett…this is a truly eclectic mix showcasing Horvat’s wealth of technique and energy…I’m left shaking my head in wonder.
– David Olds, WholeNote Magazine

Read Complete Review (pdf)

Wildly original, often chaotic, eclectic as all get-out, and quite a ride.
– Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications

Read Complete Review (pdf)

19 Responses to “Discography”

  1. Brandon Theriault May 3, 2014 at 10:41 am #

    Hi Mr. Horvat, I’m a music student from northern Ontario. I recently listen to your latest album and was amazed at its creativity. I was just wondering what your inspiration was behind some of the songs like ‘John’s Suggestion’ and ultimately how you came to develop your musical style.

    • Frank Horvat May 9, 2014 at 7:53 am #

      Hi Brandon, please call me Frank. Thank you for your kind words about my CD. John’s Suggestion was inspired by a conversation I had 15 years ago by a person who was offering me advice. As I was young and this person was more established, I did not have the heart to tell him that I already tried what he had suggested to me. He kept repeating it over and over:)!

      Regarding my musical style, I’ve always been intrigued by minimalism, electronic music and of course rock. So I guess when you listen to “I Can See You”, you’re hearing a blend of all these musical styles.


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