Earth Hour

Earth Hour… Nooooo #momentofdarkness

I’ve been participating or you could say, celebrating, WWF’s Earth Hour from the start. One year they invited me to play an Earth Hour party and that’s when I realized that music sounds different in the dark. [more on that party here]

That experience inspired me to write a 60-minute soundtrack for the night. Over many, many nights in bed, in complete darkness, I wrote a solo piano piece called Earth Hour. And, as many audience members from coast to coast told me, listening in complete darkness is an out-of-this-world experience.

Many people find it spiritual. They see time and space and actual light. They leave the hour somehow changed, inspired. To me, Earth Hour isn’t about being in a dark place, it’s about seeing more clearly than the hour before. It is about feeling something wonderful, deep inside, that makes us go forward in the world in a new way.

For me, I don’t want to have a moment of darkness on Earth Hour as WWF’s new campaign is urging. I want to go in knowing about the big problems our world is facing and leave that hour with a new positive energy that inspires change.

Earth Hour - #momentofdarknessWWF’s campaign this year is grim and dark. Yes, for those who follow the latest on climate change or who just look at what is happening around the planet, we are facing some grim realities. But, for me, grim doesn’t lead to action.

So, this Saturday, I urge you to sit in the dark for the hour and reflect on the positive we want to see in the world. Download the Earth Hour soundtrack I’m offering for free and try getting some light out of the hour that just might lead you to being a part of the change we need.

Happy Earth Hour everyone, let’s make this one count!
– f.

P.S. this is what should happen on Earth Hour… video for Dark to Light… shameless plug for another one of my musical projects 🙂

P.P.S while I’m at it, if you want to feel an immense tug at your heart strings, take a listen to my climate change inspired piece If Not Us, Then Who?. It is the voices of climate change activists that appear in this composition, including Yeb Sano, that make the message so clear.

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